Where to buy staples for Acme Stapler

I am looking for stables for an Acme stapler. The numbers on the old box are 496255 and 656. They are 9/16 flat staples with no crown. Please contact me if you have some for sale. Thanks

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I use the same staples. Have you checked with American Printing Supply. Seems like they list them. They say they are available for the 685 model which is one of the older staplers.
Winfred Reed
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try markwellusa.com 800 666 1123
ask for Keith tell him Ted Lavin said to call.
very resourceful

I have an Acme Stapler model #685 and I am looking for the 9/16” leg size. The numbers on the old box are 495155 and 626. I tried both of the old suggestions and they didn’t pan out.

I have already tried John at Letterpress Things but he doesn’t have that size on hand. It looks like even the modern wide crown staples won’t fit because the crown (distance from outside to outside of the legs) needs to be 9/16” and the wide crown staples are 1/2”.

I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

image: staple1.gif


Don’t know much on this subject but I have 2 boxes of Acme staples that read as follows:

genuine acme
4xcs cohered staples
for use in Acme No. 1
Sure Shot Binders

As per the diagram above the crown is 9/16”, the leg length is 1/2”, 1/32” wide and about 26/1000 thick.

If you contact me at 516-633-5107 cell/text I can send pics or answer any questions. Got these out of an old closed up letterpress shop.

Thank you for the offer but it is the 9/16” crown and the 9/16” leg staples that I need.

I use them to staple books of NCR together with a wrap cover that will slip between sets. The most common book thickness is between 3/8” and 7/16” and the 9/16” staples give me enough holding power.

I still have 5 old boxes of the 1/2” staples. If I can’t find any 9/16” staples I will probable have to make my customers have less sets in each book and they’ve had the same amount of sets for decades.


Try They carry staples for the #1

You can order directly from us!

Genuine Acme 465 series Staples [crown width: .558”, “medium” gauge wire 0.029” ribbon x 0.024” high ] (5,000 per box) MADE IN USA:

Leg Price

#465251 ¼” $26.00

#465252 5/16” $27.65

#465153 3/8” $29.25

#465155 ½” $30.15

#465156 9/16” $32.25

F.O.B. Staplex factory, Brooklyn, New York (shipping additional)

AVAILABILITY: in stock for immediate shipment

Made in U.S.A.

No minimum order.

VALIDITY: quote valid for 90 days

For more information or to order, please call us at 1-800-221-0822 or 1-718-768-3333 (M-F 9 am- 5 pm Eastern). We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.

We appreciate your business!

cid:[email protected]
777 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11232-1626 USA

Doug Butler

I will give you a call later. Thank you

I finally got to speak to Doug Butler at The Staplex Co. directly and the #465 series staples that they sell are not interchangeable with the #495 series staples that I need. The #465 are made from a “medium” gauge wire and the #495 is made with a “fine” gauge wire. So I am still looking.
Any other leads someone can give me are greatly appreciated.

I have some 495115 Acme staples. I would like to have some 495250 (shorter leg). Would anyone like to swap some?