Diecutting on a Kluge EHD

I have a job that needs to be die cut, and I was wondering if i should attempt it on our Kluge EHD. The finished piece is an
8 x 8 pad, 50 sheets of 60# plus chipboard, in total about 1/4” thick. I am attempting to round corner the pad. The piece is currently oversize on 3 sides and padded on the top. I am attempting to round corner and cut the 3 sides with a die for my finished 8 x 8 pad with four rounded corners. My concern is this piece may be too thick to die cut on this press. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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Round-cornering a finished pad is not done on-press. It is done sheet by sheet before padding. A finished pad would be worked on a round-corner machine.
Lassco makes table-top machines and there are various floor-model machines that can do this.

For a straight sided pad, it is simpler to guillotine cut and round corner the pads than to die-cut. There are die-cutting techniques that can punch a die through large stacks of stock, but these are purpose built hydraulic machines and hollow die sets ($$$); neither of which are a close relation to traditional letterpress die-cutting.

How about some basic info. What is the run length? Print then diecut sheets & chipboard collate then carefully glueup pads masking the round corners. As a side note the end is a pretty robust machine. The shop my press is in is a diecutter/finisher and diecuts some 1/8 board stock on a regular basis on a 1940s vintage (pre end) with no issues.

F@#&ing autocorrect. end is suppposed to be EHD.

the press? yes it can do it. the problem will be finding a die to do the job. you would need .937 or taller rule with a lower/thinner board. there would need to be room/depth in the die to allow space for some serious ejection rubber. there are some die makers that make very tall rule dies, but, you would then have to adjust platen height to match.
it is also entirely possible to expect some “draw” on the sides of the pads.
next, if you plan on auto feeding, the magazine advance, even set on double ratchet setting, it probably won’t keep up with a 1/4 in thick pad.
i think die cutting sheets then collating and gluing although tedious would work best. the round corner machines work just fine too. collate,glue,final trim,round corner.

I had in my collection of bits and pieces at one time a cutting die made of solid steel about 1” thick it was made from a solid block with the inside milled out and the edge honed sharp and rounded to cut round corner cards, it was very substantial and could take a lot of abuse. It needed rehoning from time to time. Somebody with a milling machine would have no trouble fabricating same.Dave

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