cast iron large furniture

for sale, rare???

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Nice material to have and current bid price is reasonable. A lot of lockup and makeready problems go away when a switch is made to the mammoth style iron furniture for the larger chases. My use of wood in lockups is minimal as I much prefer the larger metal furniture.


I would love to have got this set for the workshop. Unfortunately it’s impossible to find Mamoth Furniture, here in Australia.
I use a combination of Wood and Cornerstone to lockup and they can be a bit tricky, especially in the Northern Tropics of Australia where heat & high humidity play a factor.
Does anyone out there have any Mamoth Furniture for sale ?
I need pieces that will fill 2 x lots of an area equal to 125 x 20 in any combination.
The fewer the pieces the better.
Please PM me if you can help out.
Thanks in advance.