Recommendations for lubricant for Sigwalt Chicago #11 press

I have a small Sigwalt Chicago #11. I cleaned it up with a rust remover solvent, but need to oil some of the parts to make it operate smoothly. Any advice on what works well on these small presses? Thanks

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I always use a 30 wt. non detergent oil for all my equipment, non detergent seems to stay longer and lubs a little better.

pretty much use what ever is handy
wander in to the garage and see what
is left over
any multigrade or monograde motor oil
will do

for the last month or so
have mostly used 10W 30 left over
from doing a oil change

if going out to buy oil
go with any monograde
SAE 30 or 40 weight will work fine

in some applications I use
90 weight gear oil

the only hard and fast rule
is to keep it oiled
any oil is better than no oil

Thanks…appreciate the advice.