Honeycomb Base Identification


Can someone help me identify this honeycomb base? I don’t know if it is Blatchford or Sterling.

Thank you.

image: Honeycomb Base - 03.jpg

Honeycomb Base - 03.jpg

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Here is a better photo. The pieces measure 27 picas by 27 picas.

image: Honeycomb Base - 02.jpg

Honeycomb Base - 02.jpg

The diameter of the holes measured accurately determines what this base was originally made for. Sterling discontinued making Blatchford hooks several years ago and those are different in size from the Sterling hooks that are still available new. And the height of the base will determine what thickness of plate can be used.


My objective is to determine if this is Blatchford or Sterling so I know what toggle hooks will work with it. The holes are 3/8” diameter.

If the holes are 3/8”, then it is the Sterling Base for which hooks are still available. The Blatchford base has holes approximately 5/16” in diameter.

If anyone has an interest in increasing their holding of Blatchford base, I have a “boatload” of it, and would be willing to part with some.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I also have some base which has precisely 27/64” holes. Would that be Sterling?

I also have some base which has precisely 27/64” holes. Would that be Sterling?

Blatchford holes are smaller than Sterling holes, and are more closely spaced (and of two types even the larger Blatchford L-section is smaller than Sterling L-sections). I can’t check the stuff I have in storage, but the size and image seem Sterling to me.
For some reason, the sections of both brands are indicated in inches not picas.