Glue tipping

Machinable or manual glue tipping of pages that our smaller then the original book dimensions.

Book Dimensions 10 x 10 case bound smyth sewn hard cover
Looking to glue tip in 9 journal sections as 8 page signature
journal dimensions 7.5 x 8.5 they do not fall into even signatures.

Any help would be wonderful.


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It’s not clear from your description whether there are 9 sections each of 8 pages in signatures, or you have one 8 page signature that contains 9 journal sections. It’s also not clear if this is a single copy you are dealing with or an edition of 10x10 books with an equal number of added pieces in the form of signatures. If you already have a case-bound book to which you wish to add the journal sections I think you will find the added thickness will cause problems for the case binding. If on the other hand you are wanting to put the 8 signatures into a 10x10 case binding, I suggest glue-binding the journal material as a perfect binding, in a paper wrapper, and inserting that into the case binding.

But I suspect I completely mis-understand what you are trying to do.


Sorry! it is 9 sections
consisting of a 8 page signature

Total copies is 5,000 total page count of book is 408 pages
this is not printed yet.

I’m not certain I’m entirely clear, even after the further explanation.

If it is one signature which needs to be added to an otherwise 10x10 book, have you considered adding a pocket attached to front or back cover to house the extra signature? This is often done to add booklets to otherwise-bound books.

Will the signatures be separately bound by center-sewing or stitching to keep them intact when “tipped” in? Perhaps these are “flyout” sections which contain maps or other illustrations which need to be at a particular point in the volume. In this case, if may be possible to tip them to the back sheet of an 8-page signature, trimming out he first six pages to allow the extra bulk to “nest in” to the volume, relieving the swell which would otherwise occur.

John H.

If the book is not yet printed and you can modify the binding design, you could add “stub” pages to equal the thickness of the journal signatures and sandwich into them a heavy sheet to which to attach the journal signatures separately bound and inserted. 8-page signatures are two sheets folded and inserted one into the other, so 9 of them is 36 leaves making 72 pages. Depending on the paper they are printed on the insert would be about 1/8 inch thick and pretty heavy to just tip in. I gather from your first description that not all the journal pages are in contiguous signatures — are there some that are loose? That adds greatly to the complexity of sewing, and that’s why I suggested perfect binding the journal section before inserting it in the book.

If you’re Smyth sewing the book, you’ll have to make the “stub page” section full size, or at least larger, and trim them off after sewing. In that case I’d put the heavier “carrier” sheet at the back or front of that section for easier trimming.

This is a complex binding job and will require quite a lot of hand work. If your book edition is 5000 copies it’s massive! John’s suggestion of a pocket, either bound in or glued into the back cover, makes a lot of sense.


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