Can anyone identify this tool?

Can anyone identify this tool and tell me its purpose? I inherited it when I purchased a C & P press. The label reads: Star Graphic Systems, South Hackensack, NJ. The logo is stamped: DYMO. Thanks!

– Gene
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image: Tool_lr.jpg


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It’s for cleaning the vents on the mouthpieces of Linotypes and Intertypes. Star made these, and a lot of other third-prty stuff for linecasters.

It is Star Parts p/n Z-16, used for exactly what parallel_imp said. Here it is as shown in a Star Parts catalog.

image: Star Parts Z-16 Mouthpiece Vent Tool

Star Parts Z-16 Mouthpiece Vent Tool

Do you want to sale it?

You guys are amazing to even I.D. this part so quickly! for me it looked like a padded sheet sepator, you know when you make pads and you want to separate them? hahaha