Miehle Vertical - embossing 24pt

Hi I am curious for input on whether a Miehle Vertical (50 or something) can handle embossing 24pt.

I have been using a Kluge 14x22 machine and right now go back and forth between embossing and die cutting. I would like to get a second machine and thought if not another Kluge then maybe something like a Miehle.

I can use the Kluge for die cutting and would use the other machine for embossing. I am embossing a full image (13x18) on 24pt stock. Can a Miehle vertical handle something like this? I am curious if the emboss would be better than a platen given less area being embossed since it is more rotary.


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It would be very difficult for the 24p sheet to wrap around the cylinder (7” approx)
If the grain is across the cylinder and the paper is very limp it might work
test it and let us know
Good luck
Jim McGraw