Heidelberg Platen not stopping

I have a new problem with one of my 10 x 15 Platen. It has started to keep on “coasting” all the way up to impression when it does not pick up a sheet and the auto shut off kicks in. The auto shut off is fine it’s just the platen continues to close all the way up to impression which prints on my top sheet and is very annoying.
How do I adjust the “brake” to have the press stop sooner.

Thank you-

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Might be some oil creeping into the brake cone. I’ve heard some folks dribble a little bit of press-wash into the cone while the clutch is engaged, to flush the oil out.

Tried your suggestion, it helped a little but did not last. Anyone have something else to try?
Thank You

Has someone adjusted the clutch recently ??

No adjustment has been made to clutch for years, maybe as many as ten plus years.

I agree with Peter, check the clutch. A a new brake pad will also help.