What’s the best RPM to run a c&p old style at for a beginner?

Hi, All

We at The Canadian Woodenware Co are looking for info on press speeds for our two press’s we have a C&P old style and a Colt Armory 1/2 med 2a. We are new at running the press’s and would like to know what a good safe rpm would be. The press’s will be ran from our line shaft with flat belts.

Thank you for and help that you may have.

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J.K. Sir, Old fashioned logic would say that if you are running line shafting presumably to work more than one appliance, normally driven by a slave motor, and consequently running at fixed speed…For the individual needs, here in the U.K. minimum requirements would usually be *Belt Shifter* close to the individual machine(s) to engage and disengage fixed and free pulleys on to the Machine in question.!!!
Most machine(s) with AUTO FEED!! i.e. not governed by human hand fed, can usually run at fixed/ideal speed, predetermined .???
Generally, hand fed, and even automatic equipped feeder, presses need at least some form of speed control, i.e.to suit the stock being printed, and more importantly, to suit the leaning curve and rising expertise of the Operator(s)??
The suggestion would be, (as seen here in the U.K. and you must find the same Stateside) a simple countershaft picking up the drive belting, close to the machine, and providing, minimum 3 options, Slow! for new learners and difficult stock! Medium speed, obviously, and fast, Within the limits and expectations, of *a* The machine, *b* the Op and *c* the stock involved.

Counter shaft not exactly Hi-Tech, more like 3 pulleys, facing 3 pulleys, mirror image?? with either Flat Belt or A or B section *V* belt flipped across, with a simple jockey pulley, taking the tension, when flipping over, in stationery mode… O.K. modicum of engineering expertise involved but the/your, line shafting fitters should be up to speed with that one.!!. . Some simple form of speed control (independent of the line shafting) should be obtainable/desireable. *Horses for Courses* .Good Luck.

10 cycles per minute

Perhaps even key in to Google, *Hand Fed Printing Press* the first entry >one of Yours<?? time the man against a clock with sweep second hand, operating his “Kluge” and see if at least, some form of speed variation would seem to be desireable, in EITHER direction. With the original question in mind.!!
***From the Novice, (with full set of fingers) up to the Expert at full tilt, Hand or Auto fed.***

C&Ps and Colt’s run at different speeds, the Colt’s being slower.
Consider 1,000 impressions per hour something like a normal speed for an average feeder of a C&P, and for larger Colt’s models, 3/4 to 1/2 of that. With easy stock an experienced feeder can do more.
Don’t know waht the pully situation on your presses are. A given RPM has very different results on different pully diameters. A C&P might be driven by the main flywheel on its left or a smaller pully on its right. A Colt’s might even have the second pully and belt-shifter for use on overhead belt. Mick’s suggestion to look into counter-shaft drive is something that could be made to accomodate both presses comfortably. And if the presses can’t be run at a speed that is comfortable to the feeder, thta’s where accidents happen.

Parallel, Sir, Thank you for your corroboration, I was trying to get across, that for a Novice, Crawler gear mode, should be a must, but with practice and experience, will come need and desire for just a few more I.P.H.
My first efforts with a Table top, could only manage, 2 or 3 I.P.M. Impressions per MINUTE!!! it took several hours to achieve INKY,S 10 Impressions per Minute.
Although that equates to upwards of 600 I.P.H. I could not maintain that for more than 30/35 minutes, hand feeding either a table top Adana or a floor standing Platen.?
Which is the thrust of my (even small) speed variation options… P. I. Sir, combined efforts may help J.K. to enable no loss of digits… By all accounts C. & P.s are pretty lethal, even Table top Adana,s have a good rate of crush, with lack of concentration???. I am not prepared to elaborate, but I did take her out.!!!
***** Sawn of 12 Guages and 4 10,s were not all that common way back.??? and anyway, the 350 c/c, Velocette was quite swift with a flying/bump start. Good Luck. Mick

Thx All, pulley’s r not a problem we will be making new ones for the line shaft to suit the proper RPM or ipm.