Custom 3D computer design, pantograph and CNC wood carving, for any style typefaces, ornaments, borders, patterns, architectural element, etc.

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It’s great to see more new wood type being made. My suggestion would be to sell it in standard character counts (3A, 4A, etc.) instead of sets of 26 letters. That’s more useful to someone who just wants to display it, but not so much if you want to print much.

I can vouch for Tudor Petrescu’s type! He has made several replacements for missing sorts from a number of different fonts of mine, and he does excellent work. Great to work with and highly recommended!

Thank you for your input, we are doing our very best to improve our services, good advice is always welcomed.
We sell our type in any count, we list alphabets to simply display a font or graphic; size and character count (standard or not) are open options.
You can make an inquiry for the number and size of type that best suits your purpose.
Once you have a good deal, we’ll set up a listing on any of the eBays/Etsy or send an invoice via PayPal.

Congratulations! I wish you every success.

To appeal to printers you need to offer balanced synopses rather than simple alphabets as flagged up-thread. When offering mixed upper case and lower case, the synopses need to be balanced between the cases. There are many sample synopses available online.

To this, I’d add that you need to offer some punctuation; again there are standard synopses online.

Lastly, its worth bearing in mind that different languages have different synopses - e.g. if you sell to French-speaking Canada, or to printers working in Spanish, then each lamgauge has differing standard synopses.

Thank you for your support!

We understand your point of view, although we currently rely on the printers to come forward and demand arrangements they know to be fit to their individual needs, we are working on putting together a catalog with comprehensive schemes and the additional characters.

More time and research need to go in this project, we hope to make it a useful tool for people starting out and those who want a reliable set to print.
Feel free to offer any links or knowledge you have!