Letterpress Auction

RE., The Letterpress *AUTION* in Myerstown, PA, is that something like an *AUCTION*???,. . Is the *STENCEL* Machine anything like a *STENCIL* Machine*?… Are they
*Q U O I N S* being offered or *Q U I O N S*??? . . Are *LENOLUEM* Cuts anything to do with Jay L E N O, or maybe just
*L I N O L E U M* cuts with 2 letters wrong in one word.???
Are the *G A L L Y* trays, anything like Printers,
G A L L E Y S,? or a derivation/off shoot, of Mr. Merrit Gally, *G A L L Y* of Colt Armory Press Fame.???
Will the *AUTIONEER* perhaps need A *P O O R F* reader.?

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Take your meds, Mick.

Apologies, I reasonably assumed that I could fly under the same conditions as the post on B.P. on the 10th. March at precisely 16.46, (time zone unspecified) where *Lucifers* soul mate appears to be picking up the *CUESTION* mistake as opposed to the *Q U E S T I ON* genuine one off mistake. . . A little Constructive help for AMIEL would have been Good, (Possibly), ones Name/Handle. could still have been in the frame.!!!!!

Good advice Paul.

Just seeing this post I would have probably axed him the same thing.

Have another pint Mick, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!


I’m with you on this one Mick.

Go Mick. no apologies necessary.

Don’t ax me, I’m Italian!

In the vernacular of LI where I grew up, we would say “Go aksk ya mutha if you cu’ sleep ova’.”

keep that brain working Mick.

Friends, (AND Others) My original post, that triggered this Whole thread was in no way meant to be derogatory, but when I read the original post re, *AUTION* I could hardly believe the number of mistakes in just one Paragraph, this from a supposed printer? for the Alleged 70,000+ members to see, which would presumably, also be seen, by many new devotees, who may, as yet, not know the correct terminology and the vagaries thereof.!!!
AGAIN, in no way disrespectful, but should the new Ones be given a fighting chance of sorting the wheat from the chaff, at least.!!
But then taking me to bits *On Line* is still good news, it prolongs the life of the thread, and probably helps the flow of info for those that have yet to learn.?and want to.!!
One would like to comprehend, the efforts on my behalf, which apparently do not extend to the Buddies Stateside, Perhaps the *Masonic Handshake* is still alive and well.?
But Please!! Do feel free, within reason anything that eventually helps the New Ones, learning curve(s) has to be Good News… . I do not Drink, neither am I on Medication, but thank you for the Thoughts.

I’ve emailed Amberley to ask for all spirit based type cleaning substances to be locked away. :)