Adana Eight-Five parts

I picked up an Adana Eight-Five press yesterday, and it’s in pretty good working order. A couple of parts are missing:
Left Gripper Arm; Both Gripper Boxes and Gripper Fingers; Lay Gauge and left and right clamps. That’s it!

It has a registration number of U:100095 (which is defined as a “new machine” by the placement of the registration number under the ink disc on the Type Bed according to chart in the PDF for “The ADANA EIGHT FIVE Instruction Manual”).

Before I look into ordering from the UK, are there any US sources for Adana parts?


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Let me know if you find someone. I’m in the same boat.

Contact Caslon in the UK for spare parts, they might be able to help you.

Caslon have all spares you would ever want. i make my side lay with a quad and a little card and glue. Not sure what you mean by left and right clamps. the gripper too is only really necessary for heavily inked solids. Most times I dont use any.
I would start using the press and see what happens

Hi…living in New Zealand you get used to dealing with suppliers a long way away. I rebuilt my Adana 8x5 using parts from Caslon, Cheryl who I dealt with there was very helpful, postage was reasonable and delivery prompt. Enjoy your Adana.

there is an Adana Eight-Five on craigslist in the Washington, DC region for $150. What a deal! No picture but here’s the link

maybe you could get the press and then you’d have a parts machine.

Bruce cpd - that is the press I bought, the guy just didn’t take the ad down.

Well the parts I need will cost nearly $500 for a $150 press. I will have to gear back a bit and decide if I really needs the missing items. To restore it would be nice, but it prints now. I’ll just have to be creative.