Cut/slice a boxcar base?

Is there a safe DIY method … or recommended professional way to cut down an existing 9x12 boxcar base in 2-3 smaller chunks?

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Someone with a metal-cutting band saw would be best. If they can also mill the edges smooth, that would be ideal.

It could be done with a hacksaw and lots of elbow grease, followed by a good filing to smooth the surface if you wish to go the DIY route.

You might check with BoxCar Press to see what they would charge to do the work for you.

John Henry

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John Henry

I cut aluminum often on our printer’s saw with carbide blade.

I have trimmed Boxcar bases on my Hammond Glider with a carbide blade. As with any cut, I let it get up to speed before beginning the cut and take my time, but it leaves a rather tidy edge.


Thanks all. Will go with the printer saw method (after addng new blade). Just wanted some confirmation/support before I inevitably gouge it up anyway ;)


@depressionpress: would you mind posting how you did it and what the results were? How did you get it square? (Or did that not really matter anyway?) I am interested in this, as well. I am interested in cutting mine down as well. I went with the recommended size, only to realize that it greatly restricts where you can put the gauges.