Vandercook No. 5

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I was wondering if anyone has any insight into the quality of the Vandercook No. 5. I have heard a lot of discussions about the No. 3 and No. 4 proof presses, but not a lot of info on the No. 5. As a mater of fact I looked on the Vandercook website and couldn’t find it. Here are a few images of the press in question.

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image: vandercook.jpg


image: vandercook2.jpg


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You have a model 05, and there is a listing on the Vandercook website for this model. I can’t read the serial number in the one picture or I would give you the information we have on this press.


Hi Fritz -

Thanks for your reply. I did a bit more research and realized this variety has no grippers and a rubber impression cylinder-probably not the best ink distribution. I think I will pass on this guy! If anyone wants more info on this press let me know….


Talia - Yes I’d love some more info on this press (think we saw the same CL post!) I learned on an SP-15 and much prefer cylinder presses, even proof! to platen. What info can you pass along?

We have one of these at The Compound Gallery and Studios in Oakland, CA. It’s a nice very basic press but yes, it doesn’t give you registration/paper feed options and I have had some ink distribution issues as well. But I can pull some pretty nice posters as long as I don’t mind placing my board on the type.
Where is it and what are they asking for it?

Oregon. $850 is the asking price, does that sound about right?

I’m not sure what it should go for but if it is in good working condition that sounds fair to me. Maybe someone else can answer that? Consider what it will take to move it. It is still a heavy machine.

Here’s a photo of me using it. When you slide the rollers to the right it engages into trip mode. Then ink and slide to left to engage into print mode. No switches - manual.