I have searched a few online type foundries and have yet to see an @ included. I volunteer at a museum that has a letterpress printshop and on our linotype we do have a 12pt font that does have an @ but I am trying to do a roadside poster (like the election signs) on a old dept. Store flatbed press used for sale signs to advertise our fall show. I need a BIGGER @ ! for the web site contact information. Does someone have an @ set of type in various sizes? most of the sign is in wooden type, but something like 48 pt is what I am looking for, though having a set of @ in different sizes would be useful for future projects.

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Quaker Type.

Quaker City Type foundry in Honey brook PA?

that’s the one.

that’s the one.

Pat Reagh is another. He sells P@’s @s which are founts of nothing but @ symbols in various sizes. He also sells founts of currency symbols he calls 2£s of ¥€$, founts of # symbols (which, surprisingly, don’t have an amusing name), and several more regular founts of type and ornaments. All are available on eBay.


Please note that I have no direct relationship with Mr. Reagh, nor have I gotten around to buying any of his stuff. I just figured I’d pass it on.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

If you are looking for @ signs in wood I cut them in end grain hard maple with my historic pantograph, and I laser cut them into end grain type-high hard maple in smaller sizes. I currently have them in 4 pica, 5 pica, 6 pica laser cut and 8, 10 and 12 pica in pantograph cut. The smaller ones I sell in pairs, or I can put together a box in assorted sizes. I also sell lots of Hashtags (pound signs), >, <, and . I call them 21st century wood type. Check out my on-line store or contact me at [email protected].