Moving a Vandercook #1 Proof Press

I just purchased a Vandy #1 proof Press for an artist community studio space we are developing in the NOTO Arts District in Topeka, KS. Have to pick up in Indiana in my Chevy mid sized small bed Pick Up. I was wondering if it makes sense to load the press on it’s back? What I have seen elsewhere is that the Vandercooks are top heavy. Also, what is the best way to secure the moving parts. Would you dismantle the roller from the bed?? Open to any and all input (or a link to previous discussion - I went through 8 or 9 pages of general discussion and didn’t find anything and couldn’t seem to get ‘search’ to work}

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loading anything heavy into a pickup is hard work, if you can you are better off with a low trailer.

Michael, we just moved a #2 here. Per Paul Moxon’s instructions, we knocked out the pin and removed the arm, and secured the cylinder with straps. We stayed on level, and used a pallet jack to life the press off the floor and roll it into the new space. Also, what I’ve seen re: removing cylinder is that it’s difficult to get it back on with the timing correct. I had a friend move a similar model in a pick-up truck—the report was, he wouldn’t do it again. Low trailer, or lift gate/loading dock.

If you are referring to the same Vandercook #1 proof press that I have, it weighs 410 lbs and the press is bolted to a metal base (with 4 bolts if I remember right). I removed the bolts, moved the cylinder to the middle of the press, and secured it in place (with straps). With three other friends, we were able to lift the press off the base using two pipes & pipe clamps.,43838,43843&ap=...
We lifted up one end of the press on it’s base, slipped the pipe with clamp assembly under the press, had the pipe extend out equally on each side, and clamped it in place. We then did the same to the other side. That way we each could easily lift using the pipes and had under 100 lbs each to lift. It was lifting a longer barbell. We then lowered the press onto a rented stair climbing hand truck, and strapped and secured into place. I moved the cylinder to the lower end and secured it there when using the dolly. I had two sets of stairs to deal with, one in removing the press and the other in delivering it. The press was lifted onto the base in the same manner.

image: No_1_vandercook.jpg