Vandercook 320G vibrator roller assembly & feed board

We recently purchased a beautiful Vandercook 320G that has a split vibrating roller assembly. The decision to invest in the press was encouraged by the rare appearance of a complete 320G inking assembly (with a solid vibrator roller) on eBay. Much to our chagrin the vibrator roller assembly we received does not fit the press. {eBay strikes again!! ARGH!} We will list the parts we cannot use here once they are correctly identified to try and recoup some of our expense. In the mean time we are hoping that somewhere out there we can find the vibrator roller assembly we need (part number L-55). We can have the split rollers machined to be solid at considerable expense, but if possible we’d much rather keep them as an option for the press since they are kind of rare and could be fun to use. If anybody has any leads we’d be extremely grateful!

Also, our 320G is missing the feed board. Our manual does not show a part number so we have not been to locate blue prints. Any info anyone may have regarding that would also be very helpful.

New Orleans

image: splitroller.jpeg


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The vibrator roller we need has a 17.5” tube and 19 7/8” idler rollers. The assembly is 20.5” frame end to frame end.

image: vibrator-plan.jpg


I’ll take a look—I probably have all the original blueprints for this including the feed table.


How different is the one you purchased on eBay? Might it be easier to modify it to make it work? I don’t think it is likely that another assembly will surface separate from a press at this point.

Might it be possible to change over the entire assembly you bought instead of just the top frame? I assume it is the one pictured below?


image: vcoo.jpg

Thanks Fritz! The blueprints would be immensely helpful.

It looks like what we got off eBay is the entire inking assembly for a 317. Too small, but parts could be cannibalized I suppose if it comes down to it. Would make more sense to modify our split roller, but still have our fingers crossed that what we need will surface somewhere.

I am pretty sure the shorter oscillator would run on the longer shaft just fine if you wanted to go that route and lose a little bit of oscillator travel at the front or rear of the press.

This might be worth a try!


PS- if it isn’t clear what I am suggesting, I mean use the 317 oscillating roller on the shaft from your 320 split oscillator, then put it back in your 320 rider roller frame. You will lose 3 inches of oscillator at the front or the back of the press, depending on which way you orient the oscillator, but it would be better lost there than in the center as it is with your split oscillator!

Certainly an option! Thanks for that idea. It’s a pretty big bed so we’d still have a decent amount of working room even with a few inches lost off the ends. We could at least do that while the split roller is being filled in if we wind up having to go that route.


I’m looking for a vibrating roller that will fit the Vandercook 17 (Composing Room Cylinder, with inking system) that I recently was given; I have the rest of the roller assembly and it looks remarkably similar to what you purchased. Is the vibrator by any chance 2” in diameter and 18” long including the ends of the core that fit in the notches on the assembly? If so let me know— I’d be very interested in buying either the vibrator roller on its own or even the whole assembly if it’s a match.

If not, any Frankenstein suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I really want to get this press operational.