Running a C&P 8x12 with two rollers

I recently purchased a C&P 8x12 new style to upgrade from my craftsman 6x10 and was wondering if I could run it on two rollers or needed all three? I have trucks for two and would like to get it up and running but finances are tight and if I can save $110 right now that would be great. Didn’t know if anyone had any experience with it.

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I have seen and read about people regularly printing with two rollers. Some do this by choice, pulling the third roller to change the ink coverage. Others on the site can chime in with more detailed, practical experience on this matter.


You can definitely run the press with 2 rollers. Just make sure they are both in the double saddle and that the single saddle is empty. Your ink coverage will be lessened, but for smaller forms it will be quite sufficient.


I have always run two. It depends of course on the amount of solid is in the job Start work see how it goes. If you are peddaling you can double roll too.

Unless I’m running heavy coverage I always run with two rollers.