Looking for Brass Gauge

Does anyone out there have an old brass gauge that I could borrow in order to have a set made by my friendly local machinist?


image: BrassGauge.JPG


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Interesting and not, at first blush an unduly difficult piece of machining. If anyone can share the dimensions of these gauges, that would also assist the engineer.

My first thought would be to mill a foot or so of the stock then cut it up for hand finishing.

Be interesting to hear from anyone who has experience of using them. Something this simple may have hidden drawbacks.

Hi Paul,

I have one you can borrow. Send me an address.

Paul Aken

I’d be interested in getting a set from your machinist. I do something similar with line spacers and having the lip on there would be nice.

Lay Gauges, Pins, Pads etc etc.
Strange, that in this day and age, AND 50/60 Yrs, after we solved the same problem,

FOLLOWS several solutions:-
Look up the query, and responses posted by Katie M. Gibbs on B.P. 31st. Jan. this year. including mine.Re Rouse power mitre machine.

From the top, merely strip 6 point lead down laterally, to produce exactly the correct rake & angle for lay gauges.
The Rouse produces gentle concave, or lead in, to suit air mail, onion skin, up to heavy card stock.

Strip then cut on conventional lead cutter, 4/5/6 ems to suit, stuck on Tympan, with normal D.S.A. then if the job is to be repeated, no need to rip the Gauges off, remove /retain the tympan for subsequent use, the natural Creases created by the Bale arms, will virtually insure second use perfectly.

No Rouse, No problem, exactly the same operation with Printers precision power saw, I.E. lock the feed table up, sink the blade into the bed and replicate the angle for perfect, precision “lay” gauges, from 22” stock lead, ex Monotye Super caster, Or Elrod product, as above 4/5/6 em lengths.

6 point Side face Rule, (e.g. 2 point side face on 6 point Body) ready made, Lay gauges, just cut to length.? as above…Variation of Sarah R.s.maybe.

First efforts via the above, at least 50 yrs ago, Admittedly for Bandit/Pirate jobs at home on the H.S.3 Adana.

Just 3/4 weeks since replicated this system, not with Lead but with 6 point, PLASTIC, later day strip, from 40” lengths, all of 10 minutes to strip/contour and cut to 5 em lengths, 10 off.

The recipient, with an Adana 8 x 5 was well pleased and I took 5 kilos of very useful, re-usable, scrap type in exchange.

My precision Power Saw, was supplied to Monotype, U.K.pre W W II … Made by Miller Printing Equipment out of Pittsburgh, last Patent date, March, 27th. 1914, amazing machine, even by to-days standards, would not trade it for all the Tea in the Boston Tea party.

Happy Xmas One & All. Mick.