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Mick- thank you and I would like to be...11 Nov
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Sorry, I already sold them. The...4 Jan
I sometimes use bits of double stick...12 Sep
I am going to be in London this summer...5 Jun
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ah, a perfect solution! I will test it...26 Mar
Thank you!9 Mar
i use wax paper sometimes25 Jun
I did lots of google searches and...14 Jun
i've registered at the Vanderblog, and...1 Jun
Thanks everyone for your help. I am...1 Jun
The auctioneer sent me a few more...30 May
they also have one of those babcock...30 May
well, the guy had two presses and about...25 May
It does have the gripper bar,but I only...25 May
it was a giveaway. I am definitely...24 May
oh gosh, yes i did! glad I checked...24 May
well, it ended up being a little bigger...14 May
Thanks so much!20 Mar
yes, I saw that. They refuse to email...20 Mar
I'm having a very similar problem. When...3 Oct
I added the rider roller, but I'm still...17 May
the roller does not lift off, only the...1 May
The rollers are new, and I've been...1 May
Thank you, can you tell me where I...16 Apr
I added some blue tape to the rails and...15 Apr
Thanks for all the quick replies...13 Apr
if you have a diagram of the part, or...30 Mar
I only posted it here because I am...25 Jun
I mix them all the time and it works...10 Apr
Thank you! I contacted them and was...7 Aug
Oh you lucky duck. i went through every...17 Apr
That is a really fascinating project....4 Apr
So, do you have any vendors you could...27 Mar
I would recommend getting a press with...27 Mar