Heidelberg and Challenge Paper Cutter

Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 black ball for sale in South Salt Lake City. One previous owner before I purchased it in 2012. Only my friend and I have been operating it since. Rollers are in good condition. Selling it for $3400 and includes tympan paper, boxcar base, 2 chases, rubber based inks and chemicals. I am focusing on wood block printing and have no time for letterpress right now.

Also for sale:
-265HB Hydraulic Challenge Paper Cutter for $1500
-Plate Exposing Unit for $150 (was for litho plates but I think it can work for polymer)
-Industrial Metal Bookshelf $50

Located on a ground level studio with a garage door opening. Easy access to load in and there’s a neighbor with a forklift who charges $50-$100 if needed.

E-mail me for further information.

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