Looking for Heidelberg Tympan Sheet Die Line

Does anyone have a vector die line for a Heidelberg 10x15” tympan sheet? I’d like to make my own tympan sheets with smooth uncoated paper, as the oiled finish marks black stock.

If not, I will make one and share it.

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This pdf is not really a vector image, but maybe helpful:


Edit: Vector file linked below…


no vector file,,, but i have a bunch of new ones that i would send you a few if that would help.

You could get some mylar sticker paper and stick it right to your tympan. Alternatively frosted mylar should work if you find the gloss of the topsheet is marking your stock.

You can get away without the pre-cut tympan if need be. I’ve just taped my makeready onto the platen before.

Here’s a pdf vector file, based on the Heidelberg document linked above: