Nut size on C&P platen

I recently acquired a 8 x 12 Old Style press and am the process of cleaning it of 104 years of old dried ink and dirt. I am missing one of the nuts used to adjust the platen height. I have searched the local hardware stores for a replacement without success. What size is this nut and does anyone have a resource for them?


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I am currently restoring an old style 8x12. I ran into this and discovered that this was built with some British standard size vs an American Standard size. American Standard would be 13 TPI. (Threads per inch). What you and I have is a 12 TPI. Not sure where you can get this from, but I’m sure it’s out there.

Thanks larrykj,

Is this nut an 11/16”? Anyone out there have any of these to sell?

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Mine were 1/2 inch. I’d check here:

not sure if they have them, I’d call first. let them know you are working on 100 year old machines. I understand old tractors had the British Standard nuts and bolts too.

You might try checking with this company.

British Tools & Fasteners, LLC
7696 Route 31
Lyons, NY 14489

I found some special thread bolts from them for our press.

John Johnson

Try Fritz at NA Graphics.

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

I also noticed that you were looking for platen height bolt. The 1/2 bolts on mine that I was talking about were that bolts that hold the frame together and other bolts. I do not know the platen bolt size but they may be British standard too. Fritz is most likely your best bet.

I assume you are in the US. Measure the thread diameter of the stud the nut screws onto, and try to estimate what the diameter would be half way between the tops and bottoms of the threads — that is one measure of the thread diameter. Count accurately how many threads there are against a precise ruler. You could check with McMaster-Carr ( as they carry an enormous assortment of parts like this and may have the correct diameter and thread pitch in stock. Their prices are reasonable and they will ship it right away so you’ll have it quickly.


Thanks everyone.

Patrick at The Fairplay Press

If its 12 tpi then its very likely British Standard Whitworth.

If its 3/4in then it might be British Standard Fine as this one size also has 12 tpi.

For that sort of machine, I anticipate Whitworth however.

American UNC nuts *often* fit BSW bolts … but not always; wear of the bolt threads makes something of a difference as there is *supposed* to be a 5 deg difference between their threads.

We have an assortment of nuts, jam nuts, bolts and impression screws for the C & P’s. Contact us for your specific needs.


don’t let the nut hold you back. look for it in your spare time. if the platen is level and the platen bolts are “balanced” IE; pressure the same on all 4, the nut (one of them, 2 or more is not good), really does not do that much. with average impression pressure, you won’t see a difference.

Thanks for all the comments. The nut was missing before I acquired the press a couple of weeks ago. I contacted Fritz at NA and he got me in contact with a gentleman in the Fort Collins area who had a few of the nuts from a tear down of a press. Fritz does have some platen bolts and nuts that he had made to order for sale. I am in the process of cleaning up this 1910 Old Style 8 x 12 to get it into VGOC (very good operating condition) and will be posting progress reports.

A large thank you to Don Hildred for sending the correct nut for the C&P. One helluva guy.

Now, I am also missing the bottom gear on this machine (8 x 12 C&P Old Style) for the counter rotating split ink disk. I know this will make little difference in how the press operates but it would be nice to have it set up as original as possible. The press is cleaning up nicely.

image: Splitinkplateafter2.jpg


image: Splitinkplateafter1.jpg


image: Splitinkplatebefore.jpg