presto fold paper folder

I have just purchased a small presto-fold paper folder
which was made in Holland
has anyone got a manual for one of these?
it is in what appears to be very good condition
i would like t find out how to use it and maintain it properly

image: photo 1.jpg

photo 1.jpg

image: photo 2.jpg

photo 2.jpg

image: photo 3.jpg

photo 3.jpg

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Hello Vicki, post your question (in English) on the site of Drukwerk in de Marge, there might be someone out in the Netherlands with a similar machine.

I’d start by taking some Press (Blanket) wash and scrub the rubber roller that pulls the sheet in and scrub the harder rollers that actually do the folding. Use nothing abrasive and nothing but a wash. Since your running your final product thru it, clean it really well. Lubricate all you can see that moves, with a light machine oil. NOT the electric motor.

thanks Thomas will follow up the Netherlands address

Theo this machine has no electric motor, thanks for the tip on the rollers they seem pretty clean but will give it a go, cheers