Heidelberg Slowing down


I’ve had my Heidelberg 10x15 for a few years now and with most problems it throws up, this one hasn’t happened before.

The (1 year old) motor is fine and turns the fly wheel. However when I pull the clutch out it doesn’t get up to speed for a while, it used to within seconds. Then when I start to pickup stock it slows again.

All the oil and grease points I know of are done as instructed and there’s no oil on the fly wheel.

Any suggestions?


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This might apply:

image: Page 105 in the manual.

Page 105 in the manual.

Another possibility - over lubrication (did that once when our new 1967 windmill was installed) over filled “cup ” you see it in the photo - the sq hinged cover dump some alcohol or fast drying press wash on shaft at handle pivot area. Ted. Lavin

Think Ted is right, i just saw a press with the same problem, the operator over oiled it and once it was cleaned off the press ran fine.

One more in addition to the above, as you imply that your motor was fitted (comparatively) recently, and if it is with the normal/traditional coned pulley drive on the motor, is it worth a quick inspection to see if that needs a little attention, I.E. is the slider cone returning to full contact and/or is the return spring doing its job? which if not could possibly be causing slip!!….Not fact! just an additional line of enquiry, maybe!!! As Sherlock, might say, “Elementary My Dear Watson” or as Tamara Eckelstone,s Dad might say, “Telemetry My Dear Schumacher” >>Apologies, cant pull one out of the hat for *Dan Gurney or Carol Shelby, or The Shelby Cobra* Although to a few they are still “the dog,s Danglies* Mick D.O.F.

I had an issue with our ductor roller getting “bound up” in one of the saddles.
Best way to check it to remove the ink train rollers not the form rollers and see how it runs.
Hope this helps.

dry the clutch out with a little spirit washed through it keep it as little as you can and you should catch most of the mess in a pile of rags ,mop up and try again .
The elusive green bolt ??????
does the motor drag too ?????
Is the centre of the flywheel lubed and the walls of the pulley closing properly ???? Sorry centre of the drive pulley !
Is your pump in need of lubrication ?
Remember if you havent used the machine for a few days a lot of areas in the machine will be in need of oil if it haas tight bushings you have to oil these things well for smooth running .

I just tried the sprit wash, and everything is running smooth again, the clutch was over oiled and caused varying press running speed.