Help with dismantling a black-model Kluge 10 x 15

Is there anyone out there that can help me out, please?! I’m in St. Louis (Crestwood specifically) and am moving to a new home in Kirkwood. I have a black-model Kluge 10 x 15 in our current garage but need to move it to the new home in Kirkwood (I’ve attached a photo of the press). We need to move it into the basement of the new home (no garage). Fortunately we have an exterior walk in entrance but need to dismantle the press to lighten it up.The movers will have to move it into the basement and they’ll never get it down there unless it’s in smaller pieces. I’ve taken some of it apart but am not sure how to proceed further. Is there anyone out there familiar with this press that could help me, please?
Thanks in advance. Brad

image: Kluge_10x15.jpg


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Hi Brad,

How far disassembled do you currently have it? First thing to do would be to take the flywheel off and the driveshaft out. This would also require removing the pinion gear on the right side. Then I’d say you can work your way down from the top of the press… remove the ink fountain assembly and then remove the ink disc bracket as well.

If you really want to lighten the load then you can close the press and (carefully!) remove the side arms. You can then (with mechanical assistance… and again careful!) lower the chase bed assembly to the ground. There will be some throwoff linkages that need to be removed before you can go this far, but those are pretty logical.

How disassembled does it need to be? You might consider (if you haven’t already) having a crane simply strap and lift the press into/onto the basement entrance. It’s hard to know without having a clear idea of what the access is like… but that might be easier than having it dismantled.

Hope this helps,

Hi Brad,

I don’t recommended taking your press apart if you can avoid it.

Having said that, I did just that for my wife I moved a C&P 10x15 to a basement about 6 months ago.

I had to really strip mine down so that i could get it through a 28 inch doorway.

Pull the ink disc, Remove the bed, Remove the flywheels. Pull The drive Shaft.

If you are going to take your press apart, take notes, take pictures go slow, it took me close to 30 hours to take my machine apart.

For going down the stairs,

I built a sled under my press.

I built a sled for the bed.

I covered the stair treds with plywood.

You will also need to consider how you are going to control the load. Even striped down as far as i am suggesting the bed probably weighs 250# and the base probably weights 700-900 pounds..

I bought a chain hoist and anchored it to the concrete outside my basement stairs so that i could slide it down in a controlled manner.

Muncie, IN

An extremely belated “thank you” to Bradley & Rob for their comments/suggestions - I really do appreciate it.
I ended up calling Fritz, who brought some reality to the situation. After that, I ended up not putting the press in our basement, so I didn’t have to dismantle it. It is now (temporarily) sitting in our brand-new shed, awaiting the construction of our garage. That won’t be for a while, but I am able to use the press in the shed without any difficulty (just can’t use it in the winter).
Thanks again!