Coasters cracking

I have a wedding job that they want printed on coasters. However everyone is commenting that the precut blanks crack with an impression. Should I die cut my own and if so on what paper stock.

Has anyone had luck with the precuts?

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If the precut ones you are talking about are the Katz ones, they are rather brittle. If you are set up to die cut your own, you could do far better.


Thanks Dan @ The Arm NYC

What paper would you recommend? I think Savoy 220lb would be sort of expensive for coasters. Plus I have had some issues cutting the thick soft papers as the edges tend to squish down.

Felt or maybe museum board?

I just did my first printing on my Golding Pearl this past weekend. Return addresses on Christmas card envelops. Yeaaaaa!
I want to print some coasters too. Did you use Katz coasters?
Do you think it is because you are making a deep impression?

Printed coasters on my pearl last weekend. Had cracking, particularly on lines around the outside of the coaster. Not bad enough to deter me. Printed two times on both sides. First (top to bottom) line, text, line. Second time, removed text from middle, rotated the coaster 90 degrees and printed the lines. Cracking most pronounced when just printing lines, since impression was heavier without the text in the middle. To reduce cracking, I pulled the throw off lever back, turned the fly wheel to move the platen to the print position, then advanced the platen to the type with the throw off lever. That solved the issue, but is time consuming. Best solved, I imagine, by adjusting the platen, but I don’t want to screw it up for the rest of my normal thickness printing. One day I’ll get the guts to do it. I used the Katz heavy weight coasters.

I have printed lots, no cracking on the 60pt. Http:// Got them from:
Canada Coaster. Good price.

Winfieldprinting. Com

I wonder of lightly dampening them would help. Adds a bit of work but maybe if you couldn’t mist them enough to dampen the top layer a bit. Would be easy to test. Just need to let the misting settle in a bit.