C&P Guillotine

Having trouble with our 30” C&P guillotine being VERY stiff. Have tried oiling every moving part with small success. Was taken apart and reassembled for moving and everything is in it’s place but arm is still very hard to move up and down. Any advise, something we’re obviously missing, readjustments that need to be made/checked?

We’re located in Washington, DC and would be happy to even have someone come over and take a look to help troubleshoot in person.

Thank you!

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Check that the blade gibbs aren’t tightened down too tight. Gibbs are the pads that are in the frame that the blade carrier rides against. They should be snug but not tight, and greased between the mating surfaces. If they are too loose the blade won’t cut straight down the stack. And if they are too tight you can’t pull the blade down.