URGENT - Free iron hand press spotted - Buffalo, N.Y.

Saw this ad on another web site this morning. Said he needs it moved by a deadline which was a few days ago. Can anyone act on this? I have no connection with the seller, only a sincere interest in seeing iron hand presses preserved:


Sent the owner an email. Will add info later if the press still is available. Looks very complete. Be a huge shame to lose this one, if it is still available.

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This press can be moved with a hydraulic auto-shop floor crane and 3 or 4 4-wheeled movers dollies, a piece of tow chain, a large U-haul cargo van, and something with which to tow it — I have done it several times with other presses. Well worth the effort if you covet a hand press, one capable of printing virtually anything you want to print including a woodcut the full size of the bed!


Good news! I have heard back from the man at the newspaper where this press was stored. He informed me that the press has been saved by someone who plans to restore it back to use. The person who picked up the press also informed the newspaper he would make a point to have them visit when the press is back in action.

Apparently, the press had a longtime connection with the newspaper. As we all know, the story of our equipment adds greatly not just to the value of the press but also to the new projects we print with them, too.

j archibald,
That is great news. I hope the person who picked up the press pops up here at some point down the line.