Mohawk Superfine

Mohawk Paper has a new video out on its Superfine line, and after the video is over, there are several more interesting paper making videos. At least in this one, letterpress is mentioned once, in retrospect, but not too many years ago they made a really nice Superfine sheet made specifically for letterpress, but discontinued maybe 20 years ago now.

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I forgot to add in my previous post that Dodo Case, featured in the video, is a San Francisco based company that runs letterpress equipment in the production of their products and is one of our customers.

Would you make a recommendation for any presently available text papers to use for limited edition, finer letterpress printed books? Thanks.

This a bit out of my personal experience, but as far as machine made paper, the Mohawk line is readily available from nation wide sources. I have a carton of Mohawk Superfine 70# here in the shop and it is a good looking and printable sheet. There are many hand made but expensive papers that are useable, but as far as commercially made papers, the choices are slowly dwindling as paper making shrinks.

Glad to have your thoughts on this, and Thanks for the very prompt response. WJM