Repair Chase for C&P table top

My C&P chase (table top) is split completely through in the bottom right-hand corner. Is there a method to repair it? What would you suggest?

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An overtightened chase will crack/split at the corner.
They can be fixed with less or greater success. Note that I do not say repaired. They are brazed by a welder/machinist who understands the metal being fixed. More often than not the fixing warps the chase and it will not rest flat on the imposing surface or in the press as it must. You are not likely to find success with your local welder or machine shop as they do not often successfully practice the routine necessary for brazing cast steel or cast iron.
You need to find the craftsperson who understands what end results are required and how to achieve them. There are a few who can do it, but not many.

When you have your chase fixed satisfactorily, or obtain a replacement, do not overtighten the quoins. There is a need to tighten them just so much, but no more. The skill should come from a skilled teacher and then refined with practice. I use Wickersham quoins and do not oil them. When they squeak as I lock up, they are speaking to me and saying they are tight enough. Sometimes they do not squeak, but are tight enough. You have to develop the feel.

You might try asking T&T about having it repaired. They do very good work.

I would guess that John Barrett has some unbroken chases too if you would prefer to source a new one.


Hello iwillcreate,

Brazing the corner of a chase is a common repair. All chases we repair are returned as flat as an original, provided a single corner is broken.


Two of us added photos of alternate ways to fix a chase in this discussion:

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without seeing the break. it is very difficult to consider a “best” repair technique. it most likely can be repaired, however. To determine whether Brazing, Stitching, and/or external support is best, the item needs to be examined, at least with detailed pics. i am in milwaukee, wis. usa. if that makes shipping any cheaper.