Quick Uni-I measurement


Anyone out there who would happen to have a Vandercook Uni-I, and would be willing to take a measurement for me-
I need to build a skid for a press, or re-purpose an existing skid. I am looking to find out what size support to accommodate for this purpose.

The outside dimension of the base would be what I am looking for; so, the length of the press from contact point/foot to foot, in inches, and then the width of the press at it’s base as well.

I have a skid built that a No. 4 is currently resting on, and I’m just trying to find out if I’ll have to build a new one or if they’re close enough to one another that I can re-use it.

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You can find the dimensions for Vandercook presses here:



A better link on the same site is http://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/specs/

Hi guys;

Neither of these answers directly answers my question. The specs on the page give the FLOOR SPACE, but not the direct measurement of the footprint as I am asking.

The problem with the floor space measurement is that it includes the extension of the feedboard- not the foot to foot measurement as I am specifically requesting.

Thanks just the same.

Can’t go by the bed size, either.

For instance, the footprint measurement from outside of feet to outside of feet on my No. 4 is like, 59-60” long. There is no similar measurement on the specs table.

So, anybody mind grabbing a measuring tape and checking this for me?? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help out!!

Hi HavenPress,
My Unit 1 is 5’ 8” by 1’ 10” to the outside of the feet. Feed board feet are about 10” long, front feet are 7.5” long but I’m not sure exactly where the holes are.
Hope that helps!

It is really hard to get in under a Uni I to bolt through holes. I would build the pallet oversized enough that you can block around the base with some 2x4 and ratchet strap the thing down on the pallet. Keep in mind that if the press is being handled by a freight company, building it wider than that will further ensure that the press isn’t going to be toppled. As you know (and they may not), these machines are top-heavy.


image: uni12.jpg

Just so you know, the pallet shown in the photo is 48 deep by 80 in length. If I were to do it again, the only thing I would do differently is add blocking underneath the 4x4 front and back pieces to allow it to be picked up with a pallet jack from any side. Lifting from the end makes it rather long and difficult to get on and off the lift gate.

Hey all; thanks for the dimensions and advice.

The skid I’m building (or hoping to re-use) for this press is not meant as a shipping skid.
Were I shipping I’d certainly follow The Arm/Daniel’s advice and make it much wider! But the timbers I’m setting up are actually meant for use in my workshop to ease/facilitate moving presses around. So the press will live on this skid while here.
I build a deck for each press out of timbers, which will easily accommodate my palette jack; I also build an ‘operator platform’ to allow me to be on the same height as the deck. So in effect the timbers just have to be a little wider than the feet.

Thanks again.