Kluge Ink Fountain - How does it work?

I believe I’ve identified the lever that activates the fountain, but the fountain doesn’t seem to turn (with the lever in either direction) whether suction is tripped or not.

Is there an obvious culprit I’m missing?

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is there a link going to a tooth on a gear? i think i remember these being adjustable to a degree for the amount of rotation.
I think i may have an old parts book, i will check.

If you have one of the later models, I believe the press had to be on impression before the fountain roller would turn. I believe there is an adjustment that must be made to make certain the fountain “trips” properly when not on impression. Check your linkage to see if there is something like this in your fountain.

John Henry

here is parts page for the fountain. do you have all parts? Sorry for being sideways. it seems that is the way this pic fits into “Briar’s chase”

image: 20160322_132354.jpg