heidelberg platen

Late entry, Heidelberg Black ball safety arrangement???

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Sincere apologies, tried to post some good quality pictures, regarding the problem from a few days ago, >Heidelberg Platen safety knock out cable and guard system< appeared to say *Loaded & transmitted* obviously doing something wrong, any help and thoughts appreciated, or perhaps just crawl back into the *Monotype* dunces corner

BriarPress system does not allow special characters in names of pictures posted, so no &, *, >, etc.
Stick to simple alphabet, period, hyphen.

Hang in there Mick. This computer stuff is a lot harder than letterpress.

Parallel & Denis B. thank you this far, my intended shots are only Captioned, Printing Press 002 through to 007, nothing else! with a lot of help I transmitted just one, caption, printing press 002 to my own E Mail, slow but worked?
I will keep trying, but Please don`t waste too much time on the Old Codger, because as his Ex Wife would say there is too much Lead Tin and Antimony crowding out everything else.

Racing certainty the the likes of Bert Munro and Preston Thomas Tucker never had these problems, P.T.T.s, problem was Homer F.? apparently.
M. on M. March 2016.???