VFD for a Windmill?

Hi folks,

I’m interested in hearing opinions from anyone that has replaced a 1-phase motor on their windmill with a 3-phase VFD system… It’s time to replace a motor on a press here.

I’d probably still run the motor at ~1750rpm and use the crank for press speed, and just use the VFD to get the flywheel up to speed.

3ph motors are much less expensive and easier to find than the typical 1ph used on the windmill.

Thanks in advance,

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What’s wrong with your existing motor? A motor shop should be able to fix and/or rebuild it for you.

Ive just arrived in the US but Whittenburg Inc has single phase motors for windmills (with the pulley assembly) for $375. Not sure what you can pick a 3ph motor up for but take into account that price includes the pulley assembly.

Coming from South Africa i have a pure 3ph motor so was looking at a VFD, you can get them for a good price on ebay, good price would be around $150. Ive decided to just go with a new motor but my situation was a bit more complicated being that my motor is 380V 60Hz

Hi and thank you for the info.

I’ll give Whittenburg a call and see what they have on the shelf… that’s a good price for a motor with the pulley.

The startup windings are toast.The best motor builder/rebuilder shop here advised against a rebuild and our electrician vouches for their veracity.

I’m still interested to hear if anyone is doing a VFD.


I have my Kluge on an eBay VFD, and I really like it. It had a variable speed pulley similar to the Windmill, but I replaced it with a fixed sheave. I control the speed with a potentiometer hooked to the VFD.

The challenge I had was finding a sheave wide enough to accommodate the original belt. I couldn’t find one so I got a thinner belt from the auto supply shop.

I really like how slow it lets me run the press, and how it lets me get any play and rattle out of the configuriation. So the press is smooth and quiet.

I was going to put one on a windmill that had a bad pulley. However, I was able to order a replacement spring from Whittenburg so I changed my plans.