Kelsey 5x8 rollers

I bought my daughter a kelsey 5 x 8. Also, I bought new rollers. The rollers are a bit larger than the trucks. Shouldn’t the rollers be the same size (diameter)? Thanks


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The rollers should be a bit larger…..maybe a point or two (1 point =.0138 inch). This is because the rollers will squeeze down slightly when they contact the image areas of the type or plate, and when they do that, they will be (or should be) exactly the same height as the trucks.

a small press like that has no rail adjustment you can use tape to adjust rail or truck. there is no exact size, age of roller and if you live in a dry or humid aria will affect size a little.

Unfortunately a key measurement in this formula is missing — the rail height. If the rails are lower than type-high from the machined surface of the bed of the press (as frequently happens with small presses), you may need to build them up or compensate somehow. The goal is to have the roller surface a point or two below .918 from the bed surface, so the effect Geoffrey mentioned will be in effect. But if the rails are low, or uneven, they will throw this off. I wold start by checking the rail height above the machined bed surface and get that adjusted if necessary. Then if the rollers are about 1/16 inch more than the trucks (in diameter, not radius) things should work correctly.


Thanks for the info - I measured/tested the bed v. type high v. rails v. roller diameter v. truck diameter.

It appears the rollers are a bit large or the trucks are a bit small - but those can be adjusted by taping the rails. The real test is to ink up and see if the ink in gets down into plate/type and not just on the surface -

Stay tuned and again, thanks