Letterpress at work

I was reading a Bloomberg.com article ( http://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-counterfeit-money/ ) that described how the Secret Service tracked down and arrested several people involved in counterfeiting paper money. I find these stories interesting because of either the inept description of the printing process used or the obvious lack of specifics—I guess so we all don’t run out and buy a press and start to work. This story, however, has a picture of the seized printing equipment and there are 3 Heidelberg platens sitting on a trailer. The main press was an offset press, a Heidelberg SpeedMaster which the story did identify. The only reference to the platens is that they were “embossers.” But I found it interesting that the counterfeiters were sophisticated enough to obtain the right kind of equipment, and then apparently had the skill level to operate them. I assume the platens were used as foil stampers to simulate the security ribbon, and perhaps to print the serial numbers and treasury seal, which are letterpress printed on real U. S. currency.

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If you;re printing money, you can buy anything and everything in the world you want!

Need a new press fro $50,000, just print some money!

Aaron David, If you are printing money you’re going to jail.
In fact the Secret Service was set up to protect US currency from forgery. You just don’t make sense.
Best james

I suspect that Aaron is being satirical. I tend to give the topic a cold shoulder—-the Government (rightfully so) will take all your equipment away… with a bonus prison stay. Better to just have paying customers—hell, even wedding work!

Yes I was joking.

Right now I am looking for anything to cheer me up.

Just got a call from the paper house, the $170 worth of paper will be in this Monday.

I didn’t order it, the fellow I was talking to about wedding paper misunderstood and ordered some CRANES LETTRA DOUBLE THICK for me.

Now, I have a bill for CRANES LETTRA DOUBLE THICK and no customer for it.

Can you pay for the Lettra using money printed on the Lettra? Counterfeitception!

Speaking of counterfeiting, how is Louis the Coin these days? :p

a work colleague some years ago used to work with Ryobi in setting up and teaching printers security printing, apparently about 17 different processes in printing all kinds of inks offset intaglio etc etc………..