Ink Disk Distribution on Pearl No. 3

There is an area on the ink disk of my Golding Pearl No. 3 where the rollers are not making proper contact and consequently, the ink distribution my plates is uneven/inconsistent.
The attached drawing shows the area that’s not getting hit.
Rollers are brand new.
Any ideas for resolving? Thanks.

image: Ink Disk.jpg

Ink Disk.jpg

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Have you considered a thin washer/bushing on the ink disk stem? I had a similar issue once and used a thin washer from McMaster Carr. Did the trick! You can test the concept with pressboard first but it will wear out.


There is already a bit of pressboard there and an acetate ring - presumably to aid the movement. Maybe it’s not enough. I’ll try the washer idea, thanks, Dan.

If you can find one in self lubricating bronze it might help to keep things moving!

I have seen this on Pearls it seems odd but it was corrected by shimming and leveling the disk.