market for very large cuts

I have a set of mostly really large cuts that I want to sell. I have had them for over thirty years and there are things I would rather have in the safe.
I want to know how to sell them for a reasonable price. I have listed them here and on Ebay to no effect.
It is a set of 19 cuts from the 1920s featuring women’s fashions and related promotional material. The largest are about 18”, most are 8-9” and there are a couple of dingbats related to the business. There is one with a copyright date of 1928. It is pretty obvious they are from that period.
Does anyone have any advice on how to best sell these?
I refuse to break them up because you are never again going to find a related set like this.

image: All of them.JPG

All of them.JPG

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How much did you list them for?