Drip trays?

Welll, our Heidelbergs arrived, and the machinery mover helpfully damaged the 13x18 and lost the drip trays. Looks like the press will be recoverable, but being new to this I’d appreciate a word of advice on the trays.

We have a quote for trays in 24 gauge from a heating and cooling company. Cheap, but very flexible at this size and I’m not convinced these will hold up to a heavy machine vibrating. I have someone who can do them in steel sheet at a range of prices that are basically a function of thickness.

What have people had success with? If steel, will 1/16” or 1/8” do It?

Solid floor underneath, so this shouldn’t be a load bearing or structural problem; we just need to make sure the machines don’t tear up the trays due to vibration.

The beauty of this process is the number of things I didn’t know that I don’t know… :-)


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Ramblings from the U.K. only.!!
If and When we had to replace Drip Trays, because of loss or damage (as above) we would have used, Hot Dip galvanised steel sheet, which was rust resistant.

Nowadays we use the modern equivalent, normally known as *ZYNTEC* being chemically plated, performs better than Hot Dip.
Supplied by virtually every Steel Stockist, guillotined to Your precise format, and generally quoted for thickness in S.W.G. standard wire gauge.
Galley proof press, bed plate is around 18 S.W.G. give or take.!
When we have to replace Trays, (nowadays) we always specify *Zyntec* but ALWAYS incorporate,
1/4 Round/Crescent Moon, edging to the limit of the *Zyntec*.

Mitered at the 4 corners, (exactly) fitted, face down And screwed down, at approx. every 12” or so, and preferably with a run of sealant, incorporated under.!! 1/2” strip.?

Good Luck. Mick.

the HVAC metal will be fine. you should be putting a minimum 1/4 in- 10mm thick felt pads under the feet anyways. this will reduce vibration into floor. the HVAC people will “roll the lips” for you. they are nice when done well.