Letter slides for numbering machines

Hello, I’m in need of custom engraved letter slides for numbering machines. There used to be some one out there that would custom engrave slides with 2 or 3 letters or numbers on them. Anyone in the Briar Press community know of such a person? Thanks, Carl.

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Try W. Lethaby & Co, of Andover in Hampshire, assuming they are still in business. They certainly used to make these ”letter slides”, and will likely want to know the make of machine you have there. Does the little retaining spring still work? assuming there was one that is, not all makes had them. . Thats Hampshire in the UK by the way.

A PS, You may find Lethaby’s being gently inquisitive as to your proposed use. They are extremely security conscious, as they supply many currency printing works world-wide.

Possibly post which type of numbering box, You require Prefixes for, including how many OR how few Numbers or Letters You Need.
The chances are 2 will be the max., in either configuration for Conventional L/press boxes.!
Unless You can source 5 - 6 Pt. characters. in which case (presumably on Depression) the characters would stab the Stock rather than Print.???

Even a quick trawl of the internet (Google etc) throws up a whole *Herd* of Numbering Box sources, inc., Letter & Number prefixes.
IF anybody goes into the Realms of double Characters on the same slide(s) >LEIBINGER< in Germany surely will. (worldwide !!)

2727,etc. did imply *Off Line* perhaps it did not transmit, but have access to several hundred L/press Boxes, in several different makes, might just have Double Character prefixes,? if not and given the request could possibly precision grind 2 characters, (letters or figures) to abut one another, normally there is plenty of >meat< either side of standard prefixes.


I used to work for a stationery company (retired now) that went the way of digital printing for short run ncr sets, they would nearly always leave the No. on the printed sheet and I would have to put a flag made of card taped to the frisket with just the numbers cut out so the No. printed on the card, best to put sellotape there so the ink does not soak through the card and you can wipe ink off if it builds up on the tape, if you print your letters first and use this procedure may be another way round your problem if you cannot get the letter slides, but this may not be a viable solution for you if a long run, this was on Heidelberg Platen, you do not say the letters you require, I have some slides but I am away from home at the moment, but if you let me know I will look when I get back,


I am going thru cleaning shop and found several numbering machines with slides in machines and found several slides that go in machines. Hit me up if they would work for you. I have no need at this time for them but I could keep them sitting around like all the other stuff I think I will need but I know that I never will.

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I have more pics but it won’t let me upload yhem


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