URGENTLY needing new Arab rollers to be made in the UK


I have just had an Arab Crown Folio delivered and unfortunately despite the press being refurbished, the rollers are not in the best shape. I am currently trying to find somewhere in the UK that can manufacture rollers from scratch for me ASAP. So this would be the cores, the runners and the rubber covering.

My old press has been bought and is waiting to be picked up but with the new press in the current state its not producing good enough results for me to let go of my old press as I have orders I have to print, which has understandably been less than ideal for the buyer.

So hopefully I would be able to source new rollers in under 2 weeks. But under a week would be ideal although I know probably unrealistic.

Does anyone know of anyone who could produce them in this timeframe. I have messaged a few different suppliers in the UK but was wondering if you guys had any more suggestions.


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Patrick at The Logan Press refurbs Arab’s, so he will know, plus I get rollers done through H F Rochat London, otherwise more directly just do a google for litho press recovering companies.
Don’t now if you have already contacted these, Rochat can be quick.

Trevor at Artisan Rollers is a good person to talk to - [email protected]

Allmake rollers Ltd, might help. They recovered my windmill roller stocks and they can generate new stocks if given the correct information, not sure about the trucks. They have a web site

Thank you very much for all of your suggestions I hadn’t been in touch with any of those! I have got in contact will all of the above and hopefully can get something sorted.