Paper Cutter

I know this comes up every now and then But I am looking for a modern stack paper cutter that is 100% accurate for under 2K. I would like to at least cut 10 pieces of 110lb Lettra at one time.

Whats your favorite?

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Look at used Challenge Spartan 150SA. But you didn’t say what size you want to cut. The 150 series is only 15” wide. But great cutters. We picked one up for well under $2,000 (including base and freight) and its a perfect cutter for smaller paper sizes.


305 MC - 30” hydraulic paper cutter and you can find them wired for normal household current sometimes.

They’re only as accurate as the operator is, though :-(

Hi Courtney - not sure where you are located but I have a Challenge 305 for sale in the Boston area, currently listed in the classifieds. Asking more than 2k but worth every penny in my opinion!

Judging by the Briar Press classifieds, it seems like you’re on the wrong coast for a cutter at the moment. I also have a cutter for sale, a Challenge model 265 with a 26 1/2” cut for $200. Keep looking, check Craigslist & Ebay and something will eventually turn up in your area. Good luck!
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