Just Rescued, (this day 30/06/ 2017) at Auction, 4 Printing Press, name plates, 3 in Brass, 1 in Aluminium.

Rescued/Acquired mainly to deprive the, >Break up Poster Type fonts !< Animals, from robbing the Genuine Custodians etc.

Details from Catalogue:- Abbreviated,
Printing Machine name plates, `HOE` LONDON, A B C ??

Have tried (crudely on Google) for info, but mostly all that can be found, so far, relates to HOE of American origin, one fleeting reference to HOE in U.K. - about 6 words.!

From the Forum, Please, if poss., any more info, Re HOE, generally., or where to search.

Pictures, S.A.P. (with a little help.)

The rescued Items, are only in >Protective Custody< !!!! At present.- - Thank You. - - Mick.

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Mick, as far as I know Hoe’s operation in England was limited to having an office and sales room in London, where they sold US-made presses etc. However, I no longer have my reference copy of “Chronicles of Genius and Folly”, by Frank Comparato. If you can find a copy (St. Bride?) it should help you a good deal. They had a long run by US standards — nothing to compare with Caslon, but…


Found this ad in an old book, if you google R. Hoe & Crabtree Limited, or R. Hoe and Co., you will find your answers

cheers John

image: SAM_0449.JPG


A.L.P. & J/L (S.) Thank you All, this far.

Hope to Clear and Collect all the treasures and loot from the Auction House within 48 Hrs.

A brief, one liner ! from a Buddy, just up the road, implies that >Washington< is in the frame somewhere, no more details,?

Probably have to go GOGGLE eyed, GOOGLING this night, Sat. - Thanks again

Seeing the crabtree connection in John’s leaflet reminded me of the Crabtree Falcon 2 colour offset press they had at the Reading print college in the 70’s. No Hoe connection by that time as far as I’m aware

Mick… As Bob mentioned earlier, the Comparato book of the R Hoe Company titled “Chronicles of Genius and Folly” is the a warehouse of communication between the Hoe family while on both sides of the pond. Be forewarned, it is not an easy read nor is the index simplified. There was resistance by Hoe to manufacture their presses in England however there was an attempt to do so with Hoe’s Lightning Press by John Walter III in the late 1860’s.

I’m scratching my head by your mention of the word “Washington” associated with one of the labels. Hoe’s Washington presses did show “New York” only on their early manufacture and later manufacture changed to “New York & London”. I suspect the London name was added only because Hoe had a branch in London, not because they were manufactured in London. I believe only a very few of the earliest R Hoe Presses (circa 1820’s & 1830’s) had metal “engraved” plaques affixed to their top bridge. That would be of great historical help should you have purchased any of those liberated from early presses. Hoe’s early acorn style frames also had metal engraved plaques. Later stampings were primarily part of the iron casting done on the upper bridge head of the Washington Iron Hand Presses.

Now if you are describing cylinder presses, and some other R Hoe related equipment, those usually had bronze cast name plates which would have used the R Hoe name, address (New York & London), serial #, etc. The R Hoe Co made equipment for electrotyping, lithographic and rotary presses, equipment used by the Ford Motor Co in car manufacturing… they even made some military cannons as well as other war time machinery and parts. By the early 1930’s the labels on the equipment were more like large military dog tags… thin, stamped aluminum and brass.

Bob may be able to correct or add to what I’ve said but until you post photos of the plaques the field is too wide to speculate.

ps… I would make a horrible proof-reader as I can’t seem to make a post on BP without seeing something that I need to edit or correct.