Movable Brass Type

I am about to start CNC milling/engraving a Font into brass for hot stamping, is anyone aware of any literature available out there, that I may be able to read to improve and speed up the learning curve, or maybe some videos or share your ordeals.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks Mike

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By CNC I assume you are meaning router/engraver of some kind? Your biggest obstacle would be how to achieve the sharp inside points (think inside corners of the triangle in a cap A). I would type manufacturing you can only do so much to achieve those inside sharp corners with a router and then the pieces need to be hand finished with a sharp graver.

If it was simple and easy, everyone would be doing it.


In the comment above read “In wood type manunfacturing….” not “I would type manufacturing……”


V bits can get you closer to tight inside corners.

Do you have experience cnc ing metal?

It might be easer to find a good cnc guy to learn the ropes milling type is not much different that precision machining