Paper type for product display question

Hi All,

We need help sourcing the perfect type of cardstock for a particular retail product display. The size is roughly 8x4.5. We need it to be just rigid enough to not bend with the force of elastic which is part of the product. Picture a terrycloth sweatband with elastic.

We also need it to be able to be printed with polymer plates. It needs to be made in the US of recycled material.

Can anyone please suggest a good supplier…preferably a manufacturer? We need at least 10000 pieces per month so it’s got to be affordable.

Thank you!

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What about c1s chipboard in 30 pt

I would suggest TwinKote display board by Beveridge, but I can’t find current information about them. It also may not be light enough for your uses. A better fit might be 12 or 15 point C1S board (Carolina/Springhill jumps to mind) If a chipboardy look is desired, there’s always chipboard, or French Paper makes some “chipboard” stock (though more consistent—in colors.

In any case, the grain should probably be running parallel to the tension of the product. Humidity and curl should also be considered in the design.

We have been using a newer chipboard from Astro Paper in San Diego. We choose it for color cost and weight, it is a 43pt and has a nice brown color. I never thought I would be trying to find a nice brown chipboard but we were impressed with it’s performance. Ask for Romey and I am sure they can help you out.