Absolute maximum paper size for 10x15 T platen

I’m not near my press at the moment and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the absolute maximum paper size that a 10x15 T platen can accept, I know that officially it’s 10.25x15.

Can it be pushed to 11? Or is 10.25 the maximum width the side standards will go?

I will be printing commercial register.

Thanks in advance

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Max size is 10 1/4 x 15
Min size is 1 1/2 x 2 3/4

I’ve run 11” but you can obviously only print in a smaller area so the extra space can make an uneven margin.

Thanks for the responses, i’m printing using photopolymer on a deep relief base, fortunately i don’t need to print the full area. I’m printing on pre-die-cut box template, and only need to print the front face of the box.I’ve not printed pre cut stock before, has anyone had experience of this?

I once printed a 17 x 22 inch poster. It took quite a bit of manipulation and two passes, but did get it to print.

kellypress, I would have loved to see that setup! Impressive!

Can’t really believe it, would love to know how you did it!

I forgot to mention that it was printed on a 10 x 15 Chandler & Price. So it was an open press not an automatic. I dip-fed the sheet to print the top half of the sheet ,and then changed the type and then fed the bottom half of the sheet. I had to print one sheet at a time as you couldn’t continuously feed in this manner. Fortunately they only wanted two dozen.