Golding Jobber Treadle Project

I am looking to fabricate a treadle for a Golding Jobber (#6) and I am looking for anyone who owns a golding with treadle or knows where one might be to submit some photo’s to me of the part and connections to the press. I would like to stay true to the original design with the G but I have only found poor documentation of this and could use some help with some detailed photo’s. The best case scenario would be to see a treadle in person. I am in the RI/Mass area so if you have one you wouldn’t mind letting me take a peek at I would appreciate it.



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Hi Jamie,
I have just purchased a golding jobber #7 with a G treadle. Not sure if this will help any. Albany NY. I can send you a photo.

Updated. Thanks Lori!

Hi Jamie:

I’m very interested in your treadle project as I recently purchased a Golding Jobber #6 and it too lacks a treadle. Unfortunately, it also came without a single 8”x12” chase. So first things first. If you have multiple chases, could you bear to part with one? If not to buy, to borrow long enough to have a mold made to produce new chases? Or have you found a good source for chases? Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jamie — and good luck!


Hi Judy I sent you an email on your questions..


I soon expect to be taking delivery of a Golding No. 6 with a G-treadle and I just got a treadle with a broken link hook (repairable). If there are enough people needing reproductions I’d be willing to use my treadles for patterns for a foundry. Write me if interested and spread the word.

I have a broken heart-shaped treadle that needs repair. Think it’s better to get the whole thing reproduced or simply get the pieces welded together. Where would you get this done??? Thank you!

Yes! I need a treadle for my 8x12 Golding Jobber #6 (1908). I’m very interested in participating in any run of newly cast parts.

If it’s any help, I have a broken treadle from a #7 Jobber. I was hoping it might fit my #6, but no such luck.


Check out Hern Iron Works in the Briar Press classifieds. The do iron casings and make replacement treadles for C&P presses. Good Luck!!!!

Sorry, my error on the above. Make that Briar Press Yellow Pages instead of Classifieds. They do castings not casings, and I need to do proofreading! Good Luck, and keep us informed!

Thanks. I wrote to Hern Iron Works yesterday and got the following response:

“We do not have any current plans to make a treadle pattern for this press. The main reason is that we do not have any drawings or examples of the treadle from which to make a new casting pattern. If you know of anyone who has an original treadle, or has access to detail drawings of an original, please let me know. There is a good chance we could make a pattern and cast them, especially if we had an order for a half dozen or so.”

So it seems there is an opportunity if we give them the pattern and 6+ orders. I count three of us who need treadles and one person with an original that could help us with the pattern. Are there any other potential buyers lurking?

Has anyone had any luck with this topic? I have been in need of a treadle for my Jobber for quite some time now. I have also had the same response from Hern Iron Works.. so I am guessing no one has sent in a treadle to have copied.

I wanted to check in on this topic, there hasn’t been discussion in quite awhile. I too am in need of a Jobber #6 treadle. Has anyone had luck finding one, or getting one manufactured?

Jeane S. For anything gloden you should contact John Falstrom in Connecticut, if he can’t help no one can. Good Luck Dick G.

Since the subject is back on the table, I want to weigh in and say that I too have a No. 6 Jobber in need of a treadle and will be happy to participate in a group order.

Just to chime in that I am still looking for a Golding #6 treadle and will contribute toward a new run of castings. Do we have enough people?

Dont forget to ask the iron founders if they have machine room that does the bore work as that needs costing into such a project, similar deal from an engineers over there one jig may not fit all so be careful !!

So I looked into this in late November. We picked up a Jobber and the treadle was missing, too. When I spoke to the guys at Hern, I learned what they actually need in terms of casting Jobber treadles. They need a pattern that takes into account the shrinkage of cast iron. That is 3/8”:1’-0. Having an actual treadle is less important. It is the scale pattern that they use to cast from.

When I told him I was confident that I could make a pattern with those specifications, he warned me that the pivot points prove to be a little tricky, as does the hook. This may require a little guess and check work from the patternmaker’s (in this case me) standpoint. Being located in Connecticut, the shipping of parts all the way across the country (probably more than once) did not appeal to me so we began to pursue other options. As the holidays are over, and we have a little more time on our hands I hope to retrieve and fix the broken one, that may or may not still be available. I hope this is helpful, or at least informative.


Whitney, i’m still holding it for you.

Contact Mike Anton in St. Louis. He manufactured a treadle for a new series pearl when Hern couldn’t (I think Hern only casts old series).

I did just contact Mike Anton and unfortunately he is unable to help us with Jobber treadles.

BTW, I have the treadle hook which I could lend temporarily if that will help get things rolling.

Hello all!

Does anyone have a lead on a Jobber #7 treadle? My girl is motorized but I’d like to eventually get her back to being treadle run.

Thanks in advance!


I had a new stretcher frame cast for a direct litho press-the company in Uk just added some card (at either side where it would be bolted to the side frames) to the 1 stretcher I had, to allow for casting shrinkage, then machined to fit afterwards. Yes it might be slightly out of proportion/balance but a cheaper way of doing it than making a whole new pattern, and not really noticeable.

Add another on the hunt for a treadle and hook for a Golding Jobber No. 6. I am just reviving this dated thread in hopes some one here may have progressed in the fabrication of new treadles… Any hope?

I am also still looking for a treadle. I have a foundry within 10 minutes of here. They are willing to do a quick and dirty casting for me. If someone is willing to ship me a treadle I will have one copied. Pending the results, fit and function on my Golding, I can take orders and ship em out. I am willing to do alot of legwork for this. Email me if your interested in a treadle and email me if you have one i can get a cast made with. I am in NH.

I have a few Golding Jobber No. 6 parts in surplus.
A treadle, a connecting rod, a brake assembly and a motor rigged up to fit nicely around a No. 6 base. LMK if any interest.

emthree- where are you located?

If anyone is still looking for a treadle that fits Golding Jobber #6, see my classified ad here:

This (not original) treadle was designed for the Jobber and works well. Note: the vertical connecting rod and hook are not included.