Golding pearl #8

What’s a good price for a working Golding Pearl #8?

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that would be Improved Pearl 5x8 there smaller size make them a wanted press for collectors. there was a old and new style in Goldings Improved presses not affecting price a lot. If it is a flywheel and treadle model that will greatly raise the value. There is not a lot of 5x8 Pearls around they are old and have a nice Gothic look they will cost much more then most other 5x8 presses. priceless
do you have a photo and chase size just to check.

I believe it is 5x8, priceless is great but from the purchaser perspective I am looking for a gauge of value that I could expect to pay. Price is in the eye of the seller or buyer I suppose but I am just trying to make sure I don’t pay ‘too ‘ too much’ for whatever that means.. :/

I imagine John sold this long ago, but here is a very nice Golding Pearl #8 which was priced at $1795 in 2014.


If it looks to be that press and size complete restored with the market being a little soft right now. I would say 3000.00 it is more of a collectors press, It is a good press but a print shop owner that wants to put it in his office is going to pay that higher dollar. not a lot of 5x8 were made the 7x11 is much more common and not as valuable. when it comes to presses you never know.

Thanks everyone, this may have helped me not pay too much but man would I live to have but for less I am now the proud owner of 2 pilots!